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Taxes & Fees

Family Season Rental Pass


To purchase your Family Season Pass, please add up to 4 members first, then if you have more than 4 Immediate Family members, please select how many additional members you require on your pass. If you have any questions, please email us at

Enjoy the benefits of ski and snowboard equipment without the hassle of lugging your on equipment back and forth to the hill. Family Season Rentals give you access to all of our ski and snowboard rental equipment, including the use of helmets. Why spend all that money on new equipment when you don’t have to! (PLUS - your kids won’t outgrow their equipment!)

NOTE: The additional members options refers to any family member(s) above the 4 included family members. Each additional family member is $49 plus GST.

A season rental waiver of liability must be signed before any rentals are allowed to be used. If the season renter is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign on their behalf.

All rentals must returned to the Rental Shop at the end of each day, and may not be taken off-site.

  • Family Season Rental Pass - 1st Member
    $ 249.00
  • Family Season Rental Pass - 2nd Member
    $ 0.00
  • Family Season Rental Pass - 3rd Member
    $ 0.00
  • Family Season Rental Pass - 4th Member
    $ 0.00
  • Family Season Rental Pass - Additional Members
    $ 49.00

Total $0.00